Thursday, December 3, 2009

0-18.....Thursday Night Football Games.

Sorry about there being no Part 2 of this Weekends Wrap-Up. I got swamped and had no time to do it.

I did get to watch history last night though.

The New Jeresy Nets broke the NBA record for losses to start a season. They did it in style as well, as the Dallas Mavericks almost put up an 80 spot and shot 84% from the field at halftime!

The Mavs pumped the brakes a bit, but the Nets took another beating. Former Nets franchise face Jason Kidd relished this win, considering he almost put a triple double on their heads.

It is brutal for Nets fans this season. How far does this streak go? 20, 25, 30 games?

Sad part is, that it is not an effort problem. The Nets DO play hard everynight. There are CYO teams that shoot the basketball better than the Nets though. Right now, they have zero depth or talent on the wings (shooting guard-small fowards).

I will play the optimist in all of this for Nets fans.

The rebuilding plan is being done right, and it will not take them long to be good again.

The Nets right now do have some players to build around. Brook Lopez and Devin Harris are good. Terrence Williams may never be a star, but he can be an excellent and very good glue guy. I am not big on Chris Douglas Roberts, but on a good team, he could come off the bench and be some instant offense.

Here is the real silver lining...

The Nets have the most cap room in the biggest free agent offseason ever, and will have a top 5 pick in a deep, loaded draft.

Let's play a hypothetical game right now.

What if the Nets sign say Lebron James (I think they actually have a better shot at Bron than the Knicks) and a mid level guy, say Marcus Camby or Udonis Haslem. Then, in the draft, say they hit the Lottery and get John Wall from Kentucky?

Do you think that you can argue with me that a lineup of Harris, Wall, King James, Camby/Haslem, and Lopez, with Douglas-Roberts and T. Williams coming off the bench is not a playoff team in the East?

I think that is an argument that you would lose.

Keep your heads up Nets fans, this is only a one year thing.

We have a treat tonight.

Not only do we have the NFL game on Thursday night, we have a monster rivalry college game that is a playoff for the Rose Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills take one of their home games, and completely waste it tonight in Toronto, against the Jets. There is NO reason for these games being in Toronto, in a domed stadium (The Bills home games in December are major home field advatages with the weather, etc.), other than the fact to line the pockets of a greedy owner that acts like he cares about the city that has made him millions of dollars a year.

I guess there really was a reason for someone to flip him the double barrel birds.

The Jets come into this game coming off their best game in a month. My whipping boy Kerry Rhodes came out of hibernation and actually played to his talent, and the Jets harassed another SportsTown whipping boy, Jake "Pick 6" Delhomme.

I see the Jets running the ball about 40 times in tonight's game, making sure that The Sanchize does not throw picks like they were stadium gift give-a-ways.

Although Terrell Owens has played alot better since the coaching switch, he will be lined up all night against the NFL's best CB in Darrelle Revis, or how the CBS guys call him "Revis Island".

New York Jets 20, Buffalo Bills 13.

The Civil War!

One of College Football's biggest and oldest rivalries gets centerstage tonight on ESPN, as Oregon St. and Oregon get it on for a shot at Ohio St. in the Rose Bowl.

The Ducks are at home, and QB Jeremiah Masoli has been playing like a Heisman candidate since the Boise St. mudstomping. RB LaMichael James has had a fantasic Frosh. season replacing SportsTown's Golden Gloves Champ LeGarette Blount.

The Beavers are the Pac 10 team that does the most with the least. Head Coach Mike Riley really does not get enough respect from the country. He seldom gets a to recruit, but somehow grooms his players into talents. (Beavers had the 2nd most players drafted last year.)

This will be a shootout, with both offenses being high octane. Turnovers will be monster in this game. The fact that the Ducks are close to double digit faves in this game is a joke. So.....


Oregon St. 42, Oregon 38

Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up Part 1

How can we avoid this?

Everything and their mother has had an opinion on Tiger Woods driving his SUV into a fire hydrant and into an oak. It really should not be a big deal. Tiger did not harm anyone but himself in this situation or damage anyone's property except the counties hydrant, and perhaps his neighbor's tree.

Why has this not gone away?

Well, besides the American public being complete whores for gossip and always wanting to see the rich and powerful stumble to their levels, because the whole story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

Why was Tiger leaving his house at 2:30am? Was he fighting with his wife? Is the rumored affair with the Long Island hostess the reason for that fight? Did Mrs. Woods go after him with a 7 Iron like she was William Wallace in Braveheart?

Although Tiger Woods has no committment at all to going public with this, he has to realize that his so called private life became very public, whether he likes it or not. TMZ, National Enquirer, and others will make sure of that. Although, ESPN has done their best to protect Tiger. (Sickening how the biggest Sports Network, who shows an entire round of Tiger's in highlights, was the LAST to report of this!) I think ESPN sent Tom Rinaldi to be a bodyguard, and not a reporter.

It is not helping matters that Tiger blew off the cops several times (although did not have to by law give the cops a statement), made a statement over his website and not in person, and cancelled his appearance at a golf tourney that helps his own charity. People that have minor injuries and scraps to the face do not do that.

Something smells awfully fishy about all of this, and the way Tiger is trying to control his privacy in this is only fanning the flames. Hopefully, it all comes out, because if it does not, the public like the whores we are, will speculate until speculation becomes the truth.

Did everyone see the end of the UCLA-USC game? I know it was tough if you lived on the East Coast like me, but it might of been the most hysterical thing I have seen in sports all year.

Of course you already seen it!

Does the entire Pac 10 Head Coach Fraternity think they can take shots at Top Dog of the Conference, who is the master of giving out shots and think he was going to lay quiet?

Big mistake.

There is a reason Pete Carroll is not in the NFL, where the talent is mostly equal, and is at USC, where he gets whatever talent he wants. Carroll is The Bully.

So when UCLA head guy Rick Neuheisel takes out giant ads in LA newspapers saying that USC does not own LA anymore, it was not forgotten. When Stanford's Jim Harbaugh went for 2 up 20+ points in the 4th quarter, it was definitely not forgotten. And lastly, when Neuheisal is taking timeouts when Carroll was giving mercy and taking a knee with less than a minute left.

UCLA became live game, and was made an example.

We all know what happened. 45 yard TD bomb, USC sideline acting like they just went back in time and beat Texas in the Rose Bowl, and a riot almost breaks out.

These are heated rivalries. Anything goes, especially when The Bully has been taking shots to the mouth.

Remember The Empire Strikes Back? The Empire took a shot in the mouth (end of Star Wars), and went after who gave them those shots tenfold. In the Pac 10, USC is the Empire.

The boys are the Pac 10 might of awoken a sleeping giant. Carroll might be a jerkoff, but you guys made your bed with all of this, now it is time to sleep in it.

Monday Night Game:

Big game tonight in New Orleans. Offensive fireworks should be going off for 3+ hours straight.

This game reminds me of the 1985 Monday Night Game between the undefeated Bears, and the Miami Dolphins.

An awesome QB (Marino-Brady), going into a hostile envoirment and beating an undefeated team by going nuts aerially with his WR's (Clayton-Duper, Moss-Welker).

New England Patriots 38, New Orleans 27.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

NFL Picks for Week 12

I started to write this post early, since I could not stand the Bromance CBS has with Tim Tebow. I really believe Verne Lundquivst and Gary Danielson are told by their producers to act like its Brokeback Tebow. Well, perhaps I am slightly wrong, I do not think Danielson is acting.

Three games in the books this NFL week. (SportsTown is 3-0 so far this week!) The Thanksgiving games were boring and very predictable. I thought the Giants-Broncos game at night would of given us a breath of fresh air.

I was wrong.

The Giants stink. They got abused by the struggling Broncos. Both sides of the ball, OLine and DLine got manhandled by the Broncos, which is a scary thought for the Giants considering that the past few years, that has been their strength.

How hard was everyone laughing when Giants DE Osi Umenyiora was verbally hammering his team on the sidelines on two different occasions? This is the same guy that got the goose egg against the Broncos and All-World LT Ryan Clady.

Osi, if you are going to call out your team, do not do it in the game that you are one of the main reasons that the Giants got manhandled.

Now, onto the rest of this week's picks:

Miami Dolphins 23, Buffalo Bills 20 - I actually had to flip a coin in this one. The Bills Run Defense is prime to get shredded by the High-On-Life Ricky Williams and the Wildcat, but Buffalo last week whipped out a passing attack we have not seen all season from them. The Dolphins are horrible against the aerial assault. In the end, last minute FG wins it and keeps the Dolphins slim playoffs chances alive.

Carolina Panthers 27, New York Jets 16 - I see the Jets have been reading this blog, and they took my advice and benched Kerry Rhodes. Smart idea, but Mark Sanchez is throwing more interceptions now than Lindsey Lohan has run-ins with paparazzi nowadays. Panthers defense scores in this game.

Cincinnati Bengals 45, Cleveland Browns 13 - Bengals got humiliated last week in Oakland, and have hard nosed coaches Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer that probaly made the team go through hell this week in practice. On Sunday, they take it out on the Browns. After the game, Eric Mangini will complain that the Bengals played too hard.

Atlanta Falcons 38, Tampa Bay Bucs 20 - Josh Freeman has not looked bad behind the Center for the Bucs, but this franchise is a complete mess. Head Coach Raheem Morris is too immature for a head gig right now, and the Falcons will take advantage of it.

Houston Texans 31, Indianapolis Colts 28 - UPSET SPECIAL! Yes, I am going back to the well on this one. I was going to pick the Colts until I found out that Dwight Freeney was out. Matt Schaub will have a much easier time without having to worry about his blindside all day long. Peyton Manning does his best John Elway impersonation under 2 minutes in the game, but but it is no good.

Minnesota Vikings 31, Chicago Bears 13 - Took this long for these two teams to play this season? Bad scheduling. Jay Cutler is going to get pounded by this Vikings front four. I hate to stomach this, but with a big game, Brett Favre is in MVP talk. Do you know how hard that was just to even type?

Sidenote: What an awesome Mizzou-Kansas game going on! Looks like Mizzou is going to win on a last minute Field Goal. Mark Mangino murder watch starts in about 7 minutes.

Arizona Cardinals 24, Tennessee Titans 17 - I wanted to pull the upset special on this game, but the Cardinals passing attack should carve up the Titans. Tough to dismiss the fact that the Cardinals are 5-0 on the road this year as well. Remember though, the dreaded "Pacific Time Zone team playing at 1pm on the East Coast" is in effect though.

Philadelphia Eagles 23, Wshington Redskins 16 - The Skins defense is playing top notch right now, and Donovan Mcnabb is not 100% on the same page with all these young guns in the Eagles offense. This game will be close, but talent just rises to the top. Mccoy and Jackson have big days.

Seattle Seahawks 34, St. Louis Rams 27 - I just remember how Matt Hasselback carved up this defense earlier in the season. The Rams play hard, and Steven Jackson is an absolute monster, but they just do not have enough to win. If you have Hasselback and Jackson on your fantasy teams, be prepared to reap the benefits.

San Francisco 49ers 23, Jacksonville Jaguars 17 - The Vegas handicappers forbid me from making this game an upset special (SF is 3 point faves). This is just a horrible matchup for the kittens. 49ers Run Defense is very stout, and The Pinball Wizard (New Maurice Jones-Drew nickname, tell me if it is fitting.) is going to have a hard time against the big guy in the middle Aubrayo Franklin, who should be headed to The Kapunu Suite in Feburary.

If you do not get that term, go rent or buy Forgetting Sarah Marshall immediately! Although I want to investigate if Bill Hader gets these side roles in funny movies because he performs fallice acts to movie executives. The guy is not funny at all, along with the rest of Saturday Night Live of the past decade.

San Diego Chargers 38, Kansas City Chiefs 17 - The Bolts have really turned it on the past month and change. I see no way in hell the Chiefs pull off two monster upsets in a row. We can leave it at that.

Baltimore Ravens 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 10 - This pick is made now knowing that Big Ben's coconut is not fully healed yet. Dennis Dixon will make his first start, in a horrible venue for QB's. The Steelers defense really has to crank it up in this game, but I think there is too much Flacco/Rice/Mason in this game.

Last Week: 9-7

Season: 100-58